Neuer Partner / Ceyear China Electronics Technology Instruments Co.,Ltd

TMC ist stolz anzukündigen, das unsere neueste Integration, die EU-Vertretung der Firma Ceyear China Electronics Technology Instruments Co.,Ltd vollzogen wurde.

China Electronics Technology Instruments Co., Ltd (CETI) was established in May 2015, headquartered in Qingdao, Shandong province. Leveraging the resources of The 40th Institute and The 41st Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, CETI has a professional team engaged in the research and development of electronic measurement instruments, automatic test systems, microwave & millimeter-wave components and other electronic products.

CETI operates many professional national organizations, such as National Key Laboratory for Science and Technology on Electronic Test & Measurement, National Defense Opto-Electronic Primary Metrology Laboratory, National Quality Supervision & Test Center for Electronic Instrument, Research & Application Center for National Defense Automatic Test Technology, Integrated Research & Development Center for Electronic Test and Support Equipment, National Quality Supervision & Test Center for Connectors and Relays in Information Industry etc., which enable the company with powerful capability of research & development, manufacturing, test and verification.

CETI is dedicated to the exploration and research of the most advanced technologies in electronic test field, and has achieved series significant technical breakthroughs in high-end scientific instruments and general electronic measurement instruments. The products have reached domestic leading level and are also internationally advanced, especially in microwave & millimeter-wave, optoelectronics, communications, general purpose measurement and other related technical fields.

Enjoying independent intellectual property rights, we deliver a full range of electronic measurement instruments and components, covering high, medium and low ends. Customized automatic test solutions are available owing to software development and system integration. We are capable of technical services including metrology, inspection, standardization, environmental test and quality & reliability assessment.

The electronic measurement instruments, automatic test systems and components developed and manufactured by CETI are widely used in fields of satellite, communications, navigation, radar, scientific research and education etc., which supports national key projects, including manned space flights, lunar exploration, optical fiber communication trunk, large aircraft manufacturing etc., and have gained deep trust and distinguished reputation among users.

Taking instruments research & development as the cornerstone and comprehensive service as our responsibility, CETI is determined to become an industry leader in the global market, and is willing to cooperate with domestic and foreign partners, to make more contributions to reliability and advances of your measurements.



Wussten Sie es schon …

TMC ist stolz anzukündigen, dass unsere neuesten Integrationen, die Vertretung der beiden Firmen Picotest und Com-Power vollzogen wurde.

Picotest ist spezialisiert auf hochtechnologische elektronische Instrumente und Testausrüstungen.
Digital Multimeters, Counter, Arbitrary Waveform Generators, Network Analyzers, Injectors, Preamps, Filters usw.
Picotest hat eine neue Linie von Signalinjektoren eingeführt, die zur Spannungsregelung und Energieversorgungsmaße befähigen. Diese Injektoren sind die universellsten und hochentwickeltsten Testadaptern für Netzwerk- und Impedanzanalysatoren. – als Energieversorgung, Regler, oder Schaltsystem.
Ziel von Picotest ist es, mit starker Forschung, Entwicklungsfähigkeit und höchster Qualität die besten Testprodukte und Dienstleistungen für seine Kunden bereitzustellen.

Com-Power ist ein Hersteller der Instrumentierung und Ausrüstung für EMI und EMC. Mit einer breiten Vielfalt von Produkten, bis 40 GHz für nationalen und internationalen Standards, ist Com-Power die beste Quelle für EMC Ausrüstungsbedürfnisse.
Auch ist Com-Power Hauptproduzent von EMI Geräuschquellen (Kamm-Generatoren) bis zu 18 GHz und patentierte Nahefelduntersuchungssätze, die Ihnen helfen Ihre EMI Probleme in ihren Produkten zu finden. Ziel von Com–Power ist es, seinen Kunden die besten Produkte und bestmögliche Unterstützung zu bieten.



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