Microrad has developed an innovative system which measures electromagnetic pulse field levels by way of a broadband probe combined with an envelope sampler.

This measurement system is capable of demodulating a pulsed signal and adequately sampling it for the purpose of correctly representing it in a time domain thus allowing the acquisition of the technical characteristics of the radar as indicated in appendix B of the Italian Norm CEI 211-7 and as required by environmental surveillance campaigns.

The measurement equipment is based on probes which are composed of a resistive dipole capable of reaching response times of less than one microsecond.

The demodulated signal is then transmitted to the envelope sampler which is connected to a personal computer or tablet by way of a fibre optic cable.

Data received by the PC tablet is then processed using a specific software application already installed on the PC /Tablet. This paper describes the results of the survey carried out on specific air traffic control radars (radar ATCR-33S).

The objective of the study is to establish the congruity between the measurements taken by this system and measurements taken using traditional narrow band instruments ( spectrum analyser and horn antenna) The measurements which were conducted in parallel have allowed us to evaluate the accuracy and effectiveness of this new type of instrument.

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