ACTERNA JDSU OLP-6 Optical Power Meter

•Display range: -65 to +10 dBm
•Max. permitted input level: +10 dBm
•Accuracy: Intrinsic uncertainty ± 0.20 dB (± 5%)
•Accuracy: Linearity ± 0.06 dB (-50 + 5dBm)
•Accuracy: Wavelength range: 780 to 1650 nm
•Accuracy: Standard wavelength settings:  850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550 nm


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The Acterna JDSU OLP-6 are handy, pocket-sized optical power meters for quick, easy and convenient field measurement of optical pwoer and attenuation in fiber networks. They can be used on their own for simple output tests, or with a light source for insertion loss measurements. The full functionality of the pocket-sized OLP range is realized when used with an JDSU optical light source (OLS).  Three-button operation and a bright, clear display make the pocket-sized OLP-6 very easy to use. The reference level for the attenuation measurement is made to IEC-874 (method 6) and can be saved with a single keystroke.

•TWINtest cuts test time in half and simplifies handling due to automatic attenuation measurements at 850/1300 nm or 1310/1550 nm.
•Auto-lambda automatic wavelength detection and simple fiber identification together with an JDSU OLS light source.
•Easy three-button operation lets you concentrate on your work at hand.
•Lightweight, portable, rugged, and shock-proof design guarantees long life.
•Includes a handy nylon belt pouch.
•The OLP-6 is the universal solution for telecommunications applications with a dynamic range of -65 to +10 dBm.
Key Features:
•Extra long battery lifetime (>130 hours).
•Battery replacement indicator.
•Powered from standard dry batteries or rechargeable cells.

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ACTERNA JDSU OLP-6    Optical Power Meter

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