ACTERNA JDSU PFA-35 Digital Communications Analyzer

•G.703 (balanced and unbalanced) Tx/Rx, V.11/RS-442, and V.24/RS-232 test interfaces are built-in. V.35, V.36/RS-449, and EIA-530 test interfaces are available via cable adapters.
•Unique „Troubleshooter Page“ gives an instant overview of network performance.
•Autoconfigure to circuit under test with a single key press.
•Histogram display of results to analyze time-related errors.
•Alarm and error status LEDs give clear indication of problems.
•Remote operation and control.


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The ACTERNA JDSU PFA-35 is a multi-purpose instrument designed for commissioning,maintenance and troubleshooting on digital networks. It is used to carry out both framed and unframed tests on a wide variety of equipment such as primary multiplexers, X.50 multiplexers, digital cross connects, automatic protection switches and circuits operating at speeds from 50 bit/s to 2048 kbit/s. WG PFA-35 can be configured as a DCE as well as a DTE; this allows a data circuit to be taken out of service and tested in sections so that a fault can be isolated to a specific part of the circuit.The WG PFA-35 has 4 built-in interfaces which can be further supplemented by means of cable adaptors allowing testing at 7 different types of interface.

•E1 Physical Layer testing including n x 64 kbps BERT, VF, Round Trip Delay, and Jitter.
•E1 Service testing including Frame Relay and GSM.
•Quality of Service (QoS) testing to G.821, G.826, and M.2100 ITU-T recommendations.
•Error and alarm generation and analysis.
•Primary Multiplexer and Demultiplexer testing.
•V.11/RS-442, V.24/RS-232, V.35, V.36/RS-449, and EIA-530 BERT testing.
•Enhanced Datacom testing including X.50, HCM, and V.110 subrate circuit testing, status monitoring of V interface control and signaling lines, and V.24 async modem testing of V interface round trip delay.


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ACTERNA JDSU PFA-35    Digital Communications Analyzer

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