Advantest Q7760 Optical Spectrum Analyzer

•Polarization mode dispersion accuracy : ±0.1 ps (options +15 and +15A)
•Polarization control function for measurement light output (options +15 and +15A)
•Maximum optical frequency resolution :50 MHz (wavelength of 0.4 pm)
•High-speed measurement : Approx. 6.7 ms. (per measurement point) Approx. 4 s (per sweep span)
•Wavelength range : 1525 to 1635 nm
•Wide dynamic range : 40 dB (typical)
•Extensive group delay measurement range
•Measurement accuracy : ±0.05 ps Maximum measurement range : 7.5 µs
•Chromatic dispersion characteristics of optical fiber can be measured easily
•Expanded display function: Limit line function
•Support for ESC/P, ESC/P R and PCL


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The Advantest Q7760 Optical Network Analyzer is an analyzer used to analyze the magnitude, group delay time, dispersion characteristics, dispersion slope characteristics and dispersion characteristics in the polarization mode of transmitted and reflected light from optical devices at high speed and with high resolution by adopting the phase shift method for chromatic dispersion measurement.
Although the Q7760 has been designed to withstand a certain amount of noise riding on the AC power line, it should be used in an area of low noise. A noise cut filter can be used to avoid ambient noise.
During operation, the power supply automatically switches between input voltage labels of 100 VAC and 200 VAC.
The remote control capabilities allow the user to setup an automatic measurement system. This remote control function can be controlled through the GPIB bus.

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Advantest Q7760     Optical Spectrum Analyzer

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