Advantest Q8326 480nm-1000nm Optical Wavelength Meter

•High resolution measurements: 0.001nm/100MHz
•High accuracy measurements: 2ppm
•Short wavelengths: 480 to 1000nm
•Long wavelengths: 1000 to 1650nm
•Operating Temperature: +10 to +40°C, Relative humidity: 85% or less
•Storage Temperature: -10 to +50°C Relative humidity: 90% or less
•Power supply: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 60 VA or less


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The Advantest Q8326 is an optical wavelength meter capable of high accuracy and high resolution measurement at the central wavelength of the light from laser diodes (LD) for DWDM. Using a He-Ne laser as the reference wavelength and the Michelson interference method for measurement, it assures a high accuracy measurement. This unit even provides a high sampling rate of 5 times per second, and is suitable for adjustment of oscillation wavelength from laser diodes for DWDM. Wavelength variation can also be measured with high resolution and high accuracy using a deviation display function. The Q8326 can measure wavelengths at a sampling speed of five per second so that wavelength fluctuations caused by tem-perature variations can be captured precisely.

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Advantest Q8326    480nm-1000nm Optical Wavelength Meter

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