Advantest R3465 9KHz-8GHz Spectrum Analyser

•Dynamic Range: 1 dB
•Frequency Range: 9 kHz – 8 GHz
•Input Impedance: 50 ohm
•Resolution Bandwidth: 300 Hz – 3 MHz
•Video Bandwidth: 1 Hz – 3 MHz
•Sweep time: 50 ms to 1000 s
•Amplitude measurement range: +30 dBm to avg. display noise Level



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The Advantest R3465 spectrum analyzer has functions for analyzing digital modulated signals such as modulation accuracy and transmission speed. It has an easy-to-use one key solution design that any engineer can use. The Advantest R3465 provides total support for digital mobile communication equipment in applications ranging from radio systems development to production line adjustment and testing. The R3465 Spectrum Analyzer is a modulation spectrum analyzer that goes beyond traditional spectrum analysis. The 8 GHz frequency response provides coverage for a full range of digital radio frequencies. The 6.5 in. TFT color LCD display provides powerful support for multi-window operations. It also incorporates a 15 degree adjustable tilt mechanism for easy viewing under a variety of lighting conditions. The R3465 is a high-performance spectrum analyzer armed with capabilities sufficient to support detailed waveform analysis. The high-speed settling synthesizer significantly reduces blanking time for narrow-band sweep (span of 5 MHz or less), thus enabling truly high-speed measurement. A high-frequency sweep accuracy of 1% or less, frequency stability of 2 x 10-8 /day, and a built-in preselector starting from 1.7 GHz permit harmonic measurements with a dynamic range of 100 dBc.

•For PHS, PDC and NADC standards (GSM/DCS1800/DCS1900/DECT/CDMA Measurement optional)
•Dual mode analysis
•Spectrum analyzer mode
•Digital transmission tester mode
•Built-in digital modulation analysis function
•Menu operation automatically set standard parameters, STD mode and measurement function keys





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Advantest R3465      9KHz-8GHz Spectrum Analyser

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