Advantest R3753A 5Hz-500MHz Network Analyser

•  5 Hz – 500 MHz
• 1 Channel
• Hi-Speed Level Sweep Function
• Limit line function


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The Advantest R3753A is a 500MHz vector network analyzer. The R3753A analyzer employs semiconductor switches for changing the output level and for switching the input attenuator, it allows the optimum high-speed level sweeping for the drive level test of the oscillator. With the built-in BASIC controller, a high-speed ATE system can be easily configured with no external controller for processes from adjustment to inspection.

• High throughput
– 0.1ms/point high-speed frequency sweeping and 5ms short blanking time when two-channel/ four-trace (ampliude/phase) and RBW 10kHz
– 0.1ms/point high-speed level sweeping, high speed and long life using semiconductor switches
• Wide dynamic range
– With automatic switching on inpit attenuator, 115dB wide dynamic range, high speed and long life using semiconductor switches         for switching input attenuator
• Program sweeping function
-For each segment, allows setting of frequency, output level, input attenuator,RBW, and settling time
• Signal Source
-The range of signal output is 5Hz to 500MHz and the range output power is 21dBm to -63dBm

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