Advantest R3763A 300kHz-3.6GHz Network Analyser

•Frequency Range: 300kHz-3.6GHz
•Amplitude measurement accuracy : 0.05dB
•Phase measurement accuracy: 0.3°
•Resolution: 0.01°


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The Advantest R3763A is a combination of high performance, precision, reliability, stability, unsurpassed quality and superior performance in a single device. The R3763A is characterized by a high frequency characteristic, a high accuracy of the results with low error rate and an extended frequency interval from 300 kHz to 3.6 GHz. The R3763A network analyzer spectrum is quite general in scope and is used by developers of electronic devices around the world. R3763A is ideal for performing complex measurements and research in scientific centers and laboratories as well as for testing and maintenance in the manufacture of various electronic devices.

•Measurement of high reproducibility of reflection properties
•High speed measurement:0.5ms/spot
•Built in parallelI/Ofunction
•Built-in BASICController function

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