Advantest R4131D 10KHz-3.5GHz Spectrum Analyser

•Frequency Range: 10kHz – 3.5GHz
•Dynamic Range: -116dBm – +20dBm
•Input Impeadance: 50 ohms
•Resolution Bandwidth: 1 kHz – 1 MHz
•Video Bandwidth: 10 Hz – 1 MHz

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The Advantest R4131D Spectrum Analyzer is small, light, and affordable. Its wide frequency range accommodates measurement of PCN MDS, and other 2 GHz band signals, plus harmonic distortion of RF signals. Maximum input sensitivity of -116 dBm, dynamic range of 70 dB, and -80 dBc phase noise characteristic enhance the range of signals that can be measured with the R4131D. AFC tuning enhances the stability of this economical spectrum analyzer. Built-in quasi-peak detector and EMC resolution bandwidth filters enable diagnostic EMC measurement. Automated measurements and data logging are complimented by a GPIB communication interface.

•Auto-Recall Function
•Save/Recall functions,incl Waveforms
•Excellent Skirt Characteristics: – 80 dBc
•Quasi-Peak Value Measurement Function
•GPIB Interface



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