Advantest R6240A DC Voltage Current Source/Monitor

•4 quadrant precision voltage/current source/monitor with ±15V / ±1(4)A
•Pulse source/measurement with 1µs resolution
•Extensive sweep and pulse sweep functions
•Measuring accuracy of 5 1/2 digits (±319999), resolution of 10 µV. and 10 nA
•Source/sink of ±4 A for a maximum period of 20ms
•Linear/fixed/random sweep functions for characteristic measurement

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The Advantest R6240A is a DC voltage and current source/monitor with generating of 4 1/2 digits, and the high accuracy of 0.025 of basic accuracy at measurement of 5 1/2 digits. Various kinds, such as fixed/linear/random, in addition to a sweep function, the pulse measurement function of the 500us of the minimum pulse width can use broadly as the power supply for evaluation in research and development of a semiconductor or other electronic products, and a power supply for characteristic examination systems of a production line. Pulse generating and the pulse load function of a maximum of 4A are effective in evaluation of the device formed into a miniaturization / large current. A HI/LO individual limiter setting function is effective in evaluation of a battery and IC for power supplies. Moreover, the newly adopted suspension function realized the long life of an output ON/OFF relay, and the high throughput by the number-of-times curtailment of a change.

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Advantest R6240A      DC Voltage Current Source/Monitor               

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