AGILENT HP 11722A 100KHz-2.6GHz Sensor Module

•Power range: -20 to +30 dBm (10 µW to 1 W)
•Frequency range: 100 kHz to 2.6 GHz
•Linearity: -4% to +2%
•Input SWR: <1.15 when connected to an 8901B or 8902A
•RF input maximum average power: 1 W
•Maximum peak power: 100 Wpeak or 300 W ms per pulse
•Switch life: >1,000,000 switchings
•Switch isolation: >90 dB
•Input connector: Type-N, male
•Input impedance: 50 Ω nominal


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The Agilent HP 11722A Sensor Module was designed for use with the HP 8901B Modulation Analyzer and HP 8902A Measuring Receiver. The HP 11722A contains a silicon monolithic thermocouple as a power sensing element. With the HP 11722A Sensor Module, you get all the performance of the HP 8901B or HP 8902A, plus superb power measurement accuracy, at a single connector. You can characterize a signal without switching back and forth between the power sensor and the analyzer’s RF input.

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AGILENT HP 11722A    100KHz-2.6GHz Sensor Module

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