Ando AQ4310 ASE Module Unit

•Instrument type: optical power meter
•High output level: +10dBm (typ.)
•Superlative stability: ±0.005dB
•Unit type can be mounted on the AQ2141

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The Ando AQ4310 utilizes the ASE (amplified spontaneous emission) from EDF (erbium doped fiber) to provide +10dBm (typ.) high power output for a spectral of 40nm or more. The AQ-4310 is perfect for evaluation of passive optical devices with high crosstalk.

•Evaluation of loss wavelength characteristics for passive optical devices (FBG, etc.).
•Polarization dependency loss (PDL) for passive optical devices (FBG, etc.).
*FBG: Fiber Bragg grating

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Ando AQ4310     ASE Module Unit

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