Ando AQ4321D 1520nm-1620nm Tunable Laser Source

•Wavelength range: 1520 to 1620 nm
•Wavelength set resolution: 0.001 nm
•Absolute wavelength accuracy: ±0.01 nm (typ.)
•Settable optical output range: 20 dB or more
•Optical output accuracy: ±1 dB or less
•Optical output reproducibility: ±0.04 dB, optical output fixed
•RIN: -145 dB/Hz (typ.)
•Wavelength sweep speed: 100 nm/sec (max.)


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The Ando AQ4321D is specially designed for DWDM applications, especially for the evaluation of optical components and DWDM systems. The AQ4321D tunable laser source provides wide wavelength tuning range with great accuracy (±10 pm at 1520 nm). High output power, high SMSR and stability are excellent for the complete characterization of optical components. Wavelength calibration function is an absolute wavelength calibration function, using an internal gas cell absorption line it integrates into the AQ4321D TLS. This calibration function provides high-accuracy, reliable measurements on DWDM components and automatic wavelength calibration at set intervals.

•High wavelength accuracy
•High optical output
•Continuous sweep
•Side mode suppression ratio: 60 dB (typ.)
•Wavelength calibration function
•Synchronous sweep function with optical spectrum analyzer



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Ando AQ4321D    1520nm-1620nm Tunable Laser Source

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