Ando AQ6330 1200nm-1700nm Optical Spectrum Analyzer

•Wavelength Range:1200~1700nm
•Dynamic range (stray-light level) 40 dB (1523 nm, ±1.0 nm peak, 0.08 nm resolution)
30 dB (1523 nm, ±0.4 nm peak, 0.08 nm resolution)
•Wavelength accuracy ±0.05 nm (1500 to 1570 nm) ±0.3 nm (1200 to 1700 nm)
•Return loss from light input connector: 30 dB or more (1310/1550 nm)
•Low polarization dependency:+/-0.05dB
•High power measurement: Max. +20dBm (100mW).

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The Ando AQ6330 is a portable optical spectrum analyzer developed as a measuring instrument compatible for the installation and maintenance of optical transmission systems such as the WDM system, by realizing compact and lightweight features. In addition to such basic functions as high speed sweep, high sensitivity, high accuracy, broad dynamic range, and outstanding linearity, a wide variety of functions such as diverse data procssing functions and program measuring functions have all be included in this compact body weighing merely 8 kg, enabling the unit to be carried out around easily and used to perform advanced measurements at the site of installation and maintenance.

•Compact and lightweight
•WDM analysis function: Analyzes wavelength, level and SNR of up to 100 channels.
•Long term monitoring: Capable of monitoring wavelength, level and SNR of each WDM channel
•Internal wavelength calibration with a built-in wavelength reference
•Built-in high-speed printer and large color display.
•Useful interfaces: 3.5-inch FDD, GP-IB, PCMCIA, RS-232C, keyboard, mouse, VGA and printer ports are provided
•Display: 7.8-inch color LCD (640 x 480 Pixel)

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Ando AQ6330    1200nm-1700nm Optical Spectrum Analyzer                      

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