AUDIO PRECISION 2040 400MHz Waveform Generator

•Maximum Frequency, Sine wave: 400 MHz
•Simultaneous Maximum Sampling Rate/ch: 800 MSa/s
•Waveform Length: 512000 points
•Minimum Output Voltage: 2 mV
•Maximum Output: Voltage 1 V
•Output Accuracy: 2 %
•Output Impedance. 50 Ohm
•Flatness:2 dB


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The Audio Precision 2040 is a Polynomial Waveform Synthesizers with the frequency range of 400 MHz and a resulotion of 8 Bits the sampling rate is 800 MSa by 512K Points.

•Number of Channels: 1 ch
•Waveforms (Sine, Square, etc.) Noise, Pulse, Sine, Square, Sawtooth, Triangle


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AUDIO PRECISION 2040     400MHz Waveform Generator                        

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