BK Precision 1672 Triple Output Quad Display DC Power Supply ((2) 0-30V, 0-3A/(1)5V, 3A)

•Voltage (variable outputs): 0-32 V
•Current (variable outputs): 0-3 A
•Fixed output: 5 V/ 3 A
•Voltage Regulation Line: <0.01% + 5 mV
•Load: <0.2% + 10 mV
•Ripple & Noise: <1 mVrms

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The BK Precision 1672 is a quad display triple output regulated DC power supply that provides one fixed output (5V/3A) and two variable outputs (0-32V/ 0-3A) ratings. Conveniently adjust voltage and current with independent front panel knobs and bright quad LED display. Accessible through a simple push/pull switch, the 1672’s unique series and paralleltracking features let you easily double the output voltage or current. For achieving even higher voltages or current, multiple units can be connected in series or parallel. The BK 1672 is designed to operate in a constant voltage or a constant current mode with automatic crossover, allowing continuous transition from constant current to constant voltage modes in response to load condition changes. The 1672 offers exceptional performance and is an ideal supply for Educational, Service and Maintenance, Hobbyist and Manufacturing applications.

•Independent control knobs for voltage and current settings of variable outputs
•CV (constant voltage) and CC (constant current) operation
•Separate 3-digit voltage and current displays for variable outputs
•LED indication for CV and CC modes
•Overload indication LED for fixed output
•Series tracking and parallel tracking mode operation
•Output terminals are banana style (not binding posts)
•2 Year Warranty

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BK Precision 1672           Triple Output Quad Display DC Power Supply ((2) 0-30V, 0-3A/(1)5V, 3A)                 

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