BK Precision 1730 0-30V, 0-3A Single Output DC Power Supply

•Output Voltage: 0-30V
•Output Current: 0-3A
•Voltage Regulation Line (120VAC +- 10%): <0.01% + 3 mV
•Load (no load – full load): <0.01% + 3 mV
•Recovery TIme: <100 μs
•Ripple & Noise: <1mV rms

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Discontinued. Availability limited to stock on hand. Replaced by the 1735A DC Power Supply.

The BK Precision 1730 power supply is a high quality, general purpose DC power source. The unit is adjustable from 0-30 volts with both fine and coarse controls for precise settability. Two current ranges, High and Low, provide excellent current settability and meter resolution for 0-3 amps.

•Connect two supplies in parallel to double the current output
•Connect two supplies in series to double the voltage output
•Reliable, Durable
•Operate continuously at full load without overheating
•Fully overload protected
•Coarse and fine voltage controls
•Excellent regulation
•Very low ripple
•Constant voltage or constant current operation
•Continuously monitor voltage and current output on two meters
•2 Year Warranty



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BK Precision 1730       0-30V, 0-3A Single Output DC Power Supply

BK Precision 1730 Produktdatenblatt


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