BK Precision 4040A 20 MHz Sweep Function Generator

•Frequency:  0.2 Hz to 20 MHz in 8 ranges
•External frequency counter to 30 MHz
•Output Impedance: 50 Ω ±10%
•Resolution: 5 digits
•Attenuation: -20 dB ±1dB
•Supply Voltage: 120, 230V

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The BK Precision 4040A Sweep/Function Generator is a versatile signal source which combines several functions into one unit – waveform generation, pulse generation (through variable symmetry), and frequency sweep. Additionally, the instrument provides the added convenience of a built-in frequency counter. This permits more accurate determination of output frequency than is possible with a simple calibrated dial. Coarse and fine tuning controls permit precision stability of the output frequency. The internal frequency counter can also be used to measure external frequencies. The BK 4040A has a vast number of applications in both analog and digital electronics in the engineering, manufacturing, servicing, educational, and hobbyist fields.

•Waveforms: Sine, Square, Triangle, Pulse and Ramp
•AM and FM modulation
•Burst Operation
•5 digit LED display
•Coarse and fine tuning
•Variable duty cycle
•Variable DC offset
•2 Year Warranty


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BK Precision 4040A      20 MHz Sweep Function Generator           

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