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Ceyear 2438CB 9kHz-500GHz Mircowave Power Meter


•Channels: Double
•Frequency Range: 9kHz-500GHz
•CW power range: -70dBm – +50dBm
•Max. display Resolution: Log: 0.001dB, Line: 0.0001
•Relative offset range.  ±100.00dB
•Calibration source frequency:  50MHz±1MHz
•Calibration source power: 1.000mW (1±1.0%)

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The Ceyear 2438CB microwave power meter consists of microwave power meter host and a series of microwave power sensors. With the new design of broadband diode detector, digital signal processing technology and multidimensional calibration compensation technology are adopted to make the instrument have wide frequency band, wide dynamic range, high accuracy, fast measurement and analysis, sensor serialization, convenient use and so on. It is mainly used for measuring and calibrating the average power, peak power and pulse envelope power of microwave signals. The 2438CB is an important measurement instrument for R&D, production, acceptance and maintenance in radar, electronic countermeasures, communications and other fields.

Functions & Features:
•Abundant power sensors: CW power sensor frequency up to 500GHz with the max. dynamic range 90dB, Peak power sensor frequency up to 67GHz with the max. dynamic range 60dB
•More than 10 kinds of measurement and analysis functions of amplitude and time domain parameters for microwave / millimeter-wave pulse modulation signals
•CW measurement, peak measurement, CCDF statistic measurement
•Internal calibration technology
•Flexible frequency response offset list settings, with high-power attenuator or high-power directional coupler to achieve accurate measurement of signal power
•GPIB, LAN, USB, programmable control

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Ceyear 2438CB       9kHz-500GHz Mircowave Power Meter               

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