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Ceyear 38701C 6GHz-18GHz Broadband Solid-State Power Amplifier


•Frequency Range: 6GHz-18GHz
•Small Signal Gain: Min 40 dB, Typ 50 dB, Max 55 dB
•Power Gain Flatness: Typ ±3 dB
•P-1bB Output Power: Min 40 dBm, Typ 43 dBm, Max 44 dBm
•Saturated Output Power: Min 43 dBm, Typ 45 dBm, Max 47 dBm
•Maximal Input Power: Max 10dBm
•Input VSWR: Max: 2.0
•Harmonics@P1dB: Min 10 dBc, Typ 20 dBc
•Spurious@P1dB: Typ 40 dBc
•Connectors: N (f)
•Input Voltage: 220V/50Hz

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The Ceyear 38701C is a broadband solid state amplifier. It is designed to have broad bandwidth, high gain, high power, wide dynamic range, low spurious signals and extremely load tolerant. These features enable the amplifier to be used as a suited test Instrument covering multiple frequency bands. The 38701C is suitable for applications such as electronic counter measurement, antenna testing, laboratory instrumentation, and electromagnetic compatibility /electromagnetic interference test, as well as narrower band applications like radar, microwave imaging, and satellite communications, etc. The 38701C amplifier incorporates the patented spatial power combining. It has a LCD output power displaying screen, a single rotary gain adjusting knob, a power on/off switch and menu assigned softkeys on the front panel to offer extensive control and status reporting capability.

•Wide frequency coverage
•Power amplification with high amplification
•High-precision power indicator
•The amplification can be adjusted
•Internal and external stable selection
•Multiple alarm protection functions

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Ceyear 38701C             6GHz-18GHz Broadband Solid-State Power Amplifier                   

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