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Ceyear 4957D 100kHz/30kHz-18GHz Multifunction Microwe Analyzer


Main Features:
•Small size, lightweight, good environmental adaptability, easy to carry for mobile and special occasions;
•Easy to operate, the results are intuitive;
•Test data can be stored and recalled, providing a variety of storage media, providing internal memory, internal expansion 4GB SD card or USB external storage;
•Battery powered, long working hours, suitable for field use;
•With USB, LAN and other interfaces, it can realize program control and data transmission.

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The Ceyear 4957D Handheld RF Multifunction Analyzer integrates multiple functions such as dual-port vector network analysis, cable and antenna feeder test, vector voltage measurement, spectrum analysis, field strength test, power measurement and other functions in the 6GHz band, offering you a powerful integrated testing capability! Dual-port vector network analysis can quickly and accurately measure RF network parameters, providing logarithmic, linear, phase, group delay, impedance circle, polar coordinates, standing wave ratio and other display formats, which can be used as a standard. Vector network analyzer for use. The cable and antenna feeder test can measure the standing wave ratio, return loss, impedance, cable loss and other parameters of the microwave network such as antenna feeder, transmission line and cable. It has discontinuous point positioning (DTF) function, which can conveniently measure the feeder. The impedance of the cable is not continuous. The vector voltage measurement function replaces the traditional vector voltmeter with an integrated solution that accurately tests the electrical length of cables and other devices under test. Spectral analysis provides a comprehensive analysis of the spectral characteristics of the electromagnetic environment and can be used as a standard spectrum analyzer.The field strength measurement function has a user-friendly interface and high test sensitivity. It can be used as a standard field strength meter to effectively monitor the electromagnetic spectrum with the corresponding test antenna. It is widely used in space electromagnetic environment monitoring and radio management. The USB power probe can be configured to achieve large dynamic range, high-precision power measurement, and power monitoring measurement through the spectrum input port.


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Extremely rich test functions
Dual-port vector network analysis: With standard vector network analysis and measurement capabilities for full 4S parameters, the 4957D can test all S-parameters of amplifier, filter, attenuator and diplexer, etc. device and instrument, with such display formats as logarithmic, linear, phase, group delay, impedance, polar coordinates, standing wave ratio, etc.
Cable and antenna feeder test: The 4957D can measure the return loss, VSWR, impedance, cable loss and distance to fault, among others, the measurement of return loss and distance to fault will help you determine what specific fault in the cable and antenna feed system led to the overall system performance degradation, simple operating interface is more conducive to field maintenance and repair test.
Vector voltage measurement: Vector voltage measurement can accurately match the electrical length of the device under test, and can be used for reflection and transmission testing.
Spectrum analysis: The 4957D is designed to have built-in with spectrum analysis function (spectrum analysis, field strength, channel power, occupied bandwidth, AM/FM demodulation, adjacent channel power ratio) that can realize fast and efficient signal detection and analysis at frequency range 100kHz-6GHz and noise level of less than -148dBm. 3 traces can be displayed simultaneously, and different detector modes are available for choice.
USB Power Measurement: The 4957D handheld RF integrated tester can use 41 AV872XX series USB continuous wave power probes for power measurement, and can test RF/microwave power up to 40GHz. Power monitoring measurements can also be made through the spectrum input.
Field strength measurement: In conjunction with the corresponding test antenna (such as the AV89101A/B/C/D of 41), the 4957D will be a standard field strength meter widely used in space electromagnetic environment monitoring and radio management.
Support list scanning: In addition to frequency sweeping, such as spectrum analysis, antenna feeder testing, and network analysis, list scanning is also supported.
Support upper and lower limit lines: Spectrum analysis, antenna feeder testing, and network analysis all support limit line testing. The limit line can be used as a visual reference or as a basis for PASS/FAIL judgment. If the test data exceeds the upper limit line or lower than the lower limit line, the speaker will emit a „drop“ sound to remind the user that the data is out of tolerance.
Chinese and English menus are available in the machine, which is very convenient to switch with one button.
Sleep energy saving function: It has the function of displaying sleep energy saving, the sleep time can be set, and when the sleep function is turned on, if it is not operated for a certain period of time, it will automatically turn off the display and shutdown, save energy, and effectively extend battery working time and battery life.
More cursors: Provides up to 4 independent cursors to display parameters at the cursor position, as well as maximum, minimum or peak search. Each cursor provides a delta mode to make test readings easier.  In addition, the ruler on the left side of the display can facilitate the judgment of the test results.
Flexible control method: Both LAN and USB interfaces are available for program control and data transfer.
U disk automatic software upgrade: The 4957D handheld RF integrated tester provides a USB interface for software intelligent upgrade and data backup. You can easily use the USB flash drive to upgrade and maintain the instrument. It only takes two steps to operate quickly and easily.
Typical application
Radar main performance parameter test: As a full-featured tester, the 4957D can perform the main performance parameter tests of the radar antenna feeder, transmit and receive subsystems in the 6 GHz band, including the standing wave ratio, reflection coefficient, insertion loss, return loss and Impedance characteristics, etc., the frequency of the transmitted signal of the transmitting subsystem, the spectral characteristics, etc., the center frequency, gain, differential loss, bandwidth, dynamic range of the receiving subsystem.
Multi-parameter test in the fields of cable TV, wireless communication, etc: Cable TV, cellular telephone systems, digital mobile communication operators and equipment manufacturers use the 4957D to perform on-site testing of spectrum distribution, antenna feeder contact performance, S-parameters of feed components, and feedthrough power.


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