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Ceyear 4992A-001 2MHz-1GHz (Default) Radio Test Set 1GHz Option


•Frequency range: 2MHz-1000MHz (Source 1), 2MHz-400MHz (Source 2, ANT output)
•Frequency resolution:  1Hz
•Precision: Identical freq. standard
•Output level range:  -5dBm- -55dBm (SWR,Source 1), -5dBm- -100dBm (ANT,Source 1), -50dBm- -125dBm (T/R,Source 1), 0dBm- -100dBm (ANT,Source 2)
•Sideband phase noise:  ≤-95dBc/Hz (Freq. offset 20kHz)
•Harmonic Spurious: ≤-30dBc

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The Ceyear 4992A-001, 1GHz Option, which integrates multiple meters with the functions including RF transmitting and receiving analysis, audio source and analysis, can measure various performance of radios, interphones and audio equipment at the range of 2MHz-1GHz/2.7GHz, and test standing wave of communication cables and antennas. The 4992A-001 is a comprehensive radio test set capable of overall functions at a small size. Featured with strong environment adaptability and rechargeable battery, the test set can be used for simple lab application, production and debugging of communication equipment, on-site installation, repair and maintenance in the sectors of civil communication, public security, military information technology construction, etc.

Main Features:
•Handheld design, small size and light weight, easy for carry.
•Powerful environment adaptability, two supply modes, convenient outdoor tests at anywhere and anytime.
•Dual RF sources, superior spectrum purity, integrated solution of radio/interphone tests.
•Design of universal spectrum analysis modules, easier for signal search and analysis.
•USB and LAN interfaces, flexible remote control is ailable.
•English menus, friendly and convenient for user operation.

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Ceyear 4992A-001      2MHz-1GHz (Default) Radio Test Set 1GHz Option

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