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Ceyear 87231 10MHz-18GHz USB CW Power Sensor


•Frequency Range: 10MHz-18GHz
•Power Range: -60dBm – +20dBm
•Zeroing  Accuracy: ≤1nW
•Input Port SWR: 10MHz-50MHz: 1.21, 50MHz-2GHz: 1.15, 2GHz-12.4GHz: 1.20, 12.4GHz-18GHz: 1.27
•Input Connector: Type N (m)
•Uncertainty of Calibration Factor: ±0.25dB
•Power Linearity (23±5℃): +10dBm – +20dBm:±0.21dB, -40dBm – +10dBm:±0.12dB/10dB, -60dBm – -40dBm:±(0.12dB/10dB+zero setting typical uncertainty)
•Max. Input Power: +23dBm

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The Ceyear 87231 is a diode–based power senor carrying USB 2.0 full/high speed self-adaptive interface, deploys high-performance digital processing chips and various calibration & compensation techniques to achieve a wide frequency range and large power measurement and dynamic range, can be connected to computers and other electronic measurement instruments to establish power test systems. Especially, the 87231 is available for field test, production line test and other low-cost power tests.

Functions & Features:
•Accurate measurement of CW signal absolute power;
•Internal zero and external zero;
•Single sensor size, light weight, easy to carry;
•Support USB programming function; provide Interchangeable Virtual Instrument(IVI) driver; support USBTMC (USB test & measurement class)protocol;
•Compatible with computers and measurement instruments equipped with USB interface, and capable of \ establishing microwave power test system easily and quickly.

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Ceyear 87231      10MHz-18GHz USB CW Power Sensor            

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