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Com-Power AL-RS101-RX Loop Antenna Sensor for Mil-std 461 RS101 Test


•Frequency Range: 30 Hz to 100 kHz
•Loop Diameter: 4 cm
•Number of Turns: 51 Turns
•Wire Type: 7 Strand, 41 AWG Litz
•Loop Shielding: Electrostatic Shield
•Resistance of Wiring: 4Ω
•Inductance of Wiring: 180 μH
•Maximum Input Current: N/A
•Connectors: BNC (female)
•Specifications: MIL-STD-461, RS101
•Weight: 0.26 lbs. (0.12 kg)

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The Com-Power AL-RS101-RX is a receiving loop antenna used during RS101 test level calibration to measure the magnetic field intensity generated by the AL-RS101-TX transmit loop. Its construction consists of a 51-turn, electrostatically shielded coil of 7-strand, 41 gauge Litz wire. The antenna output port is fitted with a female BNC connector.

•Transmit/Receive Loop Antenna Set for MIL-STD-461, RS101 Calibration/Test
•Convenient, Fixed Mounting Arrangement for Receive Loop onto Transmit Loop for Accurate Calibration of Test Levels
•Three-year Standard Warranty


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Com-Power AL-RS101-RX      Loop Antenna Sensor for Mil-std 461 RS101 Test               

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