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Com-Power DB-568 Digital Service Balance Set


•Frequency range: 2.4 kHz – 1.544 MHz
•Longitudinal termination: 90 and 500 Ohms
•Metallic termination: 135 and 100 Ohms
•Tip/Ring/Ground connections: binding posts
•Oscillator input connection: BNC (f)
•Longitudinal & Metallic voltage output: BNC (f)
•Weight: 3 lbs.
•Dimensions (inches): 7.75 x 6.5 x 3.25

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The Com-Power DB-568 is designed to analyze longitudinal balance of terminal telephone equipment that use digital service. Com-Power’s Telecom Test System is designed to perform testing according to TIA-968 technical requirements for connection of terminal equipment to the telephone network (formerly FCC Part 68). Administrative Council for Terminal Attachments and Industry Canada CS03.
This system contains most of the specialized circuitry needed to perform testing on analog modems and analog telephones. Generic third party equipment for may be needed to perform some of the tests.

•Meets Part 68 requirements
•Two Year Warranty

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Com-Power DB-568       Digital Service Balance Set

Com-Power DB-568 Produktdatenblatt  

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