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Com-Power ISN-CKIT ISN Calibration Kit


Com-Power ISN Calibration Kit Includes:
•1 ISN-BT-T248 Balance Transformer
•1 ISN-CLB-BT BT Calibration Load Block
•2 ATTN-10-T248 10 dB Attenuator
•2 ADA-515-T248 50Ω to 150Ω Adapter
•1 ISN-T8-P1-RJ45 RJ45 Pair 1 Adapter (4-pair system)
•1 ISN-T8-P2-RJ45 RJ45 Pair 2 Adapter (4-pair system)
•1 ISN-T8-P3-RJ45 RJ45 Pair 3 Adapter (4-pair system)
•1 ISN-T8-P4-RJ45 RJ45 Pair 4 Adapter (4-pair system)
•1 ISN-T8-100-RJ45 RJ45 Pairs 1-4 100Ω AE Terminations (4-pair system)
•1 ISN-ADA-T248-RJ45 RJ45 to BNC Common Mode Adapter


The Com-Power ISN-CKIT (Calibration KIT) is an accessory from Com-Power. The ISN Calibration Kit includes all of the necessary accessories for complete calibration of the ISN and LCL adapters. A step-by-step procedure, including test setup diagrams is provided with the calibration kit.

•Measurements for common mode impedance, phase angle, voltage division factor, decoupling attenuation (isolation) and longitudinal conversion loss (LCL)

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Com-Power ISN-CKIT          ISN Calibration Kit

Com-Power ISN-CKIT Produktdatenblatt

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