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Com-Power LS-668 Loop Simulator for 26 AWG Cable


•Frequency range: 300 Hz – 3300 Hz
•Simulated cable lengths: 2.7 km, 4.6 km
•I/O connections: binding posts
•Weight: 3 lbs.
•Dimensions (inches): 7.75 x 5.25 x 3.25

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The Com-Power LS-668 Loop Simulator 26 AWG Cable was constructed to meet the requirement of FCC 68.317 paragraph (b) for is for testing analog telephones for Receive Objective Loudness Rating (ROLR).

•Loop Simulator for 26 AWG
•Analog Telephone – ROLR rating
•Two Year Warranty

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Com-Power LS-668        Loop Simulator for 26 AWG Cable             

Com-Power LS-668 Produktdatenblatt

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