Fluke 41B Power Harmonics Analyser

•Voltage Range and Resolution: 5.0 V to 600 V rms (AC+DC); ±5.0 V to ±933 V peak
•Voltige Accuracy: rms: ±(0.5 % + 2 digits); Peak or DC: ±(2 % + 3 digits) (Add 2 digits if < 15 V rms)
•Current (1mV/A) Isolated input Range and Resolution: 1.00 A to 1000 A rms (AC+DC); ±1.0 A to ±2000 A peak
•Current Accuracy: rms: ±(0.5% + 3 digits)+probe specs; Peak or DC: ±(2 % + 4 digits) + probe specs

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Fluke 41B Discontinued Replaced by Fluke 43B.   

The Fluke 41B Harmonics Analyzer combines the ease of use of a digital multimeter, the visual feedback of an oscilloscope and the power of a harmonics analyzer in a single instrument. If you’re testing power on three-phase systems or trouble-shooting harmonics on non-linear loads, no test tool makes it easier. The 41B is ideal for further analyzing data and optimizing system performance. Use the Fluke 41B’s FlukeView® software (included) to download acquired data to a printer or an MS-DOS® or Windows® compatible computer for analysis and presentation.

•Three Views of each reading: Waveform, Bargraph showing harmonic levels, Numeric values
•Real-time Display Updates
•Display updates three times a second for a dynamic view of actual circuit conditions
•Comprehensive Measurements-Measure rms, peak and total harmonic distortion (THD) for complex voltages and currents – with no manual calculations required
•Three-Phase readings-From a simple single-phase measurement, automatically calculates three-phase power for 3-wire balanced loads (typically 5% or less imbalance).
•System Critical Data-Immediate readings of Power Factors, KVAR, Crest Factor, K-Factor
•Min/Max and Average recording
•Data Storage of up to eight complete measurement sets
•Isolated Serial Interface for communications with a serial printer or DOS or Windows-compatible computer


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Fluke 41B           Power Harmonics Analyser                   

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