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IET Labs PRS-200W Programmable Wide-Range Resistance Substituter


•Type: Wide Range Resistance
•Accuracy: 1% +70 mΩ
•Decades: 9
•Range: 0 – 100 MΩ
•Resolution: 0.1 Ω
•Type of Components: Resistance wire for 0.1 Ω steps and under; metal film for 1 Ω steps and over.
•Residual Impedance: <600 mΩ
•Optional RS-232, Ethernet or IEEE-488 Interfaces

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The IET Labs PRS-200W programmable wide-range resistance substituter provide direct resistance substitution as well as RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) simulation, in a wide selection of ranges, tolerances and ratings. The PRS-200W programmable wide-range resistance decade is a precision resistance source with excellent characteristics of stability, temperature coefficient, and power coefficient. Ideal for both laboratory and industrial applications requiring highly reliable and automated switching of resistance.

•National Instruments LabVIEW hardware and soft ware tools available
•High power versions
•Programmable „open circuit“ and „short cir cuit“ states optional
•Dual / Combo rackmount models ( examples: Resistance & Capacitance or Resistance & Inductance)
•Programmable „open circuit“ and „short circuit“ states optional
•Desktop and 19″ Rackmount enclosures

Models: PRS-200W-IEEE €5.135, PRS-200W-RS232 €5.135.


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IET Labs PRS-200W       Programmable Wide-Range Resistance Substituter           

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