IET Labs TL-500-Stackable Ultra High Performance Banana Cables


•Quantity: 1 pair
•Length: 5 ft.
•Connectors: Stackable Gold plated banana plugs
•Max. Voltage rating of cable: 600 V ac rms
•Nom. Capacitance: 49 pF/ft
•Nom. Impedance: 56 ohms at 1 MHz.
•Max. operating temp.: 131 °F (55 °C)

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The IET Labs TL-500 Ultra High Performance Banana gold-plated shielded test leads have 4 terminal terminals plus shielding. The TL-500-Stackable is with stackable gold-plated beryllium copper banana plugs, Pomona 5406.The TL-500-Stackable consists of a pair of Teflon twisted pair shielded cables terminated with gold-plated banana plugs. The cables are ideal for use with 4 terminal standards such as SRX, SRL standards and HARS Resistance Decades with -K option when connected to an 8.5-digit DMM or similar multimeter. The high number of strands ensures excellent durability and high insulation resistance.

•4 Terminal Kelvin connection
•Shields use stackable banana plugs
•Teflon insulation shielded twisted pair
•Silver plated copper conductors
•16 AWG, 19 strands of 29 AWG
•Low thermal EMF

Order Information:
TL-500 – As shown with strain relief and gold-plated beryllium copper banana plugs
TL-500-Stackable – Stackable Gold-Plated Beryllium Copper Banana Plugs, Pomona 5406

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IET Labs TL-500-Stackable          Ultra High Performance Banana Cables                    

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