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IET Labs PRS-300 Precision programmable Resistance Decade

•Resistance Range: 0.1 Ω to 20 MΩ
•Precision Lab Grade Accuracy: 70 ppm + 1 mΩ
•Minimum adjustment: 0.1 Ω
•Resolution: 1 μΩ ( 0.000 001 Ω) or 6 digits
•Stability: ± 50 ppm/year
•EMF Thermal: < 15 μV
•Max load: 2 A, 200 V (peak), 0.5 W whichever is first
•Resistors: precision wire and sheet metal

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The IET Labs PRS-300 dramatically improves the most important aspects of the older manual resistance decades. It introduces an advanced algorithm to create a easy to use programmable decade resistor with 30% improved accuracy and 1000 times better resolution than traditional laboratory decade boxes and RTD Simulators. The PRS-300 was designed with the right mix of features for it to be effi cient for both manual and automated application in both laboratory and production environments With its wide range the PRS-300 was designed to replace multiple decade boxes and reduce test time. The PRS-300 can be used at an automated resistance carousel with built-in EIA „preferred value“ resistance tables of 1% (E96), 5% (E24), 10% (E12) increments or user specifi ed increments. With its industry leading 5 year warranty all aspects of the PRS-300 focus on reliability, reduced ownership costs and simplicity out of the box. The simple user interface makes the PRS-300 well suited for high accuracy requirements for both manual and automated applications such as RTD simulation, DMM calibration, circuit trimming, and load testing.

•To further improve accuracy to <20 ppm, for no additional cost, see the PRS-DMM
•Programmable resistor with USB interface and Labview drivers
•Optional IEEE-488 and Ethernet Interfaces
•Virtually no maintenance cost, very simple to calibrate
•High reliability relays, rated for 100 Million Switches
•With Built-in PT-100 and PT-1000 Tables, RTD values can be input in both °C, °F or Ω
•Built-in EIA „preferred value“ resistance tables
•No zero or switch resistance
•5 year warranty

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IET Labs PRS-300        Precision Programmable Resistance Decade        

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