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Microrad 10H Probe Static Magnetic Field: B Field – DC


10H (Static Magnetic Field): B Field
•Frequency range: DC
•Measurement range: 1µT ÷ 4mT
•Dynamic range: > 70 dB
•Sensor type: Hall sensors
•Directivity: Isotropic

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The Microrad 10H probe is based on a set of three mutually orthogonal Hall sensors. The probe, connected to the NHT 3D or NHT 310 meters, is able to measure the three X, Y, Z spatial components of the static magnetic field, and to obtain its isotropic value. The probe detects only static magnetic fields, but it is able to report cases in which there are also 50Hz variable components of the field. The 10H probe is ideal for use in applications areas such as magnetic resonance, electrolysis, shielding verifications and geomagnetism.

Typical Application:
•MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging
•Shielding verification



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Microrad 10H Probe        Static Magnetic Field: B Field – DC

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