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Microrad 20H Probe Magnetic Field Probe: B Field, DC ÷ 1000Hz


20H (Magnetic Probe): B Field
•Frequency range: DC ÷ 1000 Hz
•Type of frequency Response: Flat
•Measurement range: 1 mT ÷ 15 T
•Dynamic range: > 80 dB
•Sensor type: Hall sensors
•Directivity: Isotropic
•Sensitivity: > 1mT
•High pass filter (cut-off @ 1.5Hz).

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The Microrad 20H probe is based on a set of three mutually orthogonal Hall sensors. The three voltages, which correspond to the spatial components of the field, are available individually at the probe output. The NHT 310 or NHT 3D meter calculates the resulting isotropic field strength. The 20H probe detects magnetic fields from 0 to 1000 Hz. It is suitable for use in applications such as Magnetic Resonances Imaging (MRI), materials working plants (galvanic and mills) and power supply plants for railway stations. Its high rate of 15 T makes it ideal for extremely strong magnetic field measurements such as those used for example in the latest generation or experimental magnetic resonance. The presence of a first-order high-pass filter (20 dB / decade) with a 1.5Hz cutting frequency allows to discriminate the static component from the others at higher frequencies. In fact, the filter, when inserted, completely suppresses the continuous component and the probe band becomes 1.5 Hz ÷ 1000 Hz.

Typical Application:
•MRI – Magnetic Resonance Imaging
•Galvanic treatments
•Railway power supply plants
•Metalworking processes


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Microrad 20H Probe         Magnetic Field Probe: B Field, DC ÷ 1000Hz       

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