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Microrad 30B Probe (100cm2) Magnetic Field Probe: B Field, 1 Hz ÷ 400 kHz


30B (100cm2) (Magnetic Probe): B Field
•Frequency range: 1 Hz ÷ 400 kHz
•Type of frequency Response: Flat
•Measurement range: 300 nT ÷ 16 mT
•Dynamic range: > 94 dB
•Sensor type: Coils
•Directivity: Isotropic

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The Microrad 30B probe is based on a set of three mutually orthogonal coils. The signals from the three coils, corresponding to the spatial components of the field, are used by the NHT310 or NHT3D instruments to calculate the resulting isotropic value.The 30B probe is able to detect fields in the frequency range between 1 Hz and 400 kHz, covering many low frequency applications in the industrial, transport, energy and medical sectors. In particular, the probe specifications allow operator to carry out measurements in accordance with EN62233 for household appliances.

Typical Application:
•Power lines
•Industrial installations
•CEI EN 62233: “Measurement methods for electromagnetic fields of household appliances and similar apparatus with regard to human exposure”.

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Microrad 30B Probe       Magnetic Field Probe: B Field, 1 Hz ÷ 400 kHz                    

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