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Microrad 33P Triple Probe Electric, Magnetic and Magnetostatic Field


33P (Electric Probe): E Field
•Sensor type: Capacitor
•Frequency Range: 1 Hz ÷ 400 kHz
•Dynamic: > 86 dB
•Directivity: Isotropic
33P (Magnetic Probe): B Field
•Sensor type: Coil
•Frequency Range: 1 Hz ÷ 400 kHz
•Dynamic: > 94 dB
•Directivity: Isotropic
33P (Magnetostatic Probe): BDC Field
•Sensor type: Hall
•Frequency Range: DC
•Dynamic: > 70 dB
•Directivity: Isotropic

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The Microrad 33P probe consists of three different sensors combined into one: an electric field sensor (E), a magnetic induction sensor (B) and a static magnetic field sensor (BDC). The operator can select the required sensor type by means of the switch located at the base of the probe. Each sensor within the probe is based on a set of three mutually orthogonal sensitive elements. The signals from the sensors, corresponding to the spatial components of the selected field, are used by the NHT3D instrument to calculate the isotropic value.

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Microrad 33P Triple Probe         Electric, Magnetic and Magnetostatic Field                   

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