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Microrad 33S Triple Probe Electric, Magnetic and Magnetostatic Field


33S (Electric Probe): E Field 
•Sensor type: Capacitor
•Frequency Range: 1 Hz ÷ 1 MHz
•Dynamic: > 100 dB
•Directivity: Isotropic
33S (Magnetic Probe): B Field
•Sensor type: Coil
•Frequency Range: 1 Hz ÷ 1 MHz
•Dynamic: > 100 dB
•Directivity: Isotropic
33S (Magnetostatic Probe): BDC Field
•Sensor type: Hall
•Frequency Range: DC
•Dynamic: > 80 dB
•Directivity: Isotropic

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The Microrad 33S probe is one sensor for three physical quantities: a triple isotropic sensor for measuring magnetostatic, electric and magnetic fields. In conjunction with the NHT 3DL meter, it allows simultaneous measurement and display of the electric and magnetic field from 1 Hz to 1 MHz. Selection of the quantity to be measured and represented is managed by the meter. Thanks to its bandwidth, the 33S probe allows for the measurement of emissions generated by medical devices both surgical (electrosurgical), therapeutic (magnetotherapy) and diagnostic (magnetic resonance).

Main Applications::
•Diagnostic Medicine

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Microrad 33S Triple Probe       Electric, Magnetic and Magnetostatic Field             

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