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Omicron Lab B-LMC Low Frequency Common Mode Choke


•Usable frequency range: DC to > 50 MHz
•Recommended frequency range: 100 Hz to 10 MHz (typ.)
•Common Mode Inductance: 75 mH @ 1 kHz
•Input-Output Capacitance: 175 – 205 pF @ 1 MHz
•Signal connector type: BNC

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The Omicron Lab B-LCM is a low frequency common mode choke that can be used to reduce ground-loop currents in a test setup

Typical Applications:
•Reduce ground-loop error in Shunt-Thru measurements
•Reduce/suppress common-mode signals
•Quasi-isolate an input channel for high frequencies
Key Features:
•Metal housing with BNC connectors
•High inductance for low-frequency measurements
•Low insertion loss and return loss
•High common mode rejection of > 40dB @ 1Hz (typ.) and > 60dB @ 1kHz

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Omicron Lab B-LMC              Low Frequency Common Mode Choke      

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