Picotest INJB01 Injector Bundle #1


The Picotest INJB01 Injector Bundle #1 contains:
•J2100A Injection Transformer 1Hz – 5MHz
•J2101A Injection Transformer 10Hz – 45MHz
•J2110A Solid State Voltage Injector (DC – 45 MHz)
•J2120A Line Injector (10 Hz – 10 MHz)
•J2130A DC Bias Injector  (10 Hz – 10 MHz)
•J2111B  DC-40 MHz Solid State Current Injector
•J2170B High PSRR Power Adapter (Shipped Separately)
•User manual



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The Picotest’s Signal Injector Bundle INJB01 is a versatile set of test adapters. They are an integral part of a test setup for qualitative measurements with your network and impedance analyzers. Whether you need to measure power supplies, regulators, or other linear circuits and components, the Picotest signal injectors offer a wide bandwidth with low distortion. Also unique in this bundle are the 2 Solid State injectors for voltage and current, as well as the Line Injection Adapter for Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR).

•1 Year Warranty

The Picotest INJB01 Injector Bundle #1 will be delivered in a hard cover carrying case.


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Picotest INJB01       Injector Bundle #1

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