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Picotest LM201143B VRM Demo Boards V1.0 (Flat and Varying Impedance)

Test Points:
•TP1 ‐ Input voltage meter or probe
•TP2 ‐ Ground for meter or probe
•TP3 ‐ Bode injection
•TP4 ‐ Bode injection

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The circuit is an integrated point of load synchronous buck regulator with a 5V input and a 1.2V/2.5A output. The device uses emulated current mode control, making it simple to create a flat impedance output. A second board is also included that does not have flat impedance for comparison during each of the tests. Easily accessible 0805 chip size components make it easy to customize or experiment with different component values. These are fully self-contained demo boards using USB input power and an on-board resistive load.

Provisions are included for a Bode plot measurement, with the injection resistor, R5, included as well as test-points for the injection signal and measurement (TP3 and TP4). SMA output connectors are also included to simplify connections for many measurements including the 2-port output impedance measurement, step load and other common measurements.

Box Contents: Two (2) Boards; one with varying impedance and one with ‘flat’ impedance

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Picotest LM20143B         VRM Demo Boards V1.0 (Flat and Varying Impedance)               

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