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Picotest P2001A GaN Probe 2-Pack, Accessory Kit


•Bandwidth: 700MHz
•Input Capacitance: <7pF
•Compensation Range: 10 – 50 pF
•Probe impedance: 1M Ohms
•Input Voltage: 1000V AC RMS or DC CAT II
•Probe Connections: BNC
•Rise Time: 500 ps
•Passive, Attenuation: 100: 1

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The Picotest GaN Probe extends the measuring range of your oscilloscope to high voltages safely and easily. Applications include power supplies and LiDAR. This high voltage probe is suitable to view the fastest GaN (Gallium Nitride), eGaN, and SiC (Silicon Carbide) edges for timing and switching losses of high voltage power switches, as well as, EMC testing or glitch detection. Anyone designing with high speed, high voltage switches can use this probe. Circuit designers and those testing electrical cars components will especially love this probe. For test setups that need a 50 ohm connection, you can use the J2180A Ultra Low Noise Preamp which converts from the 1MOhm probe impedance to a 50 ohm impedance.

•Voltage Probe for All SiC and GaN circuitry
•Generic BNC works with all 1MOhm Instruments
•Slim body
•Especially suited to GaN and SiC measurement
•Compensation Range: 10 – 50 pF

What’s included:
•GaN Probe 2-Pack
•Probe Tip Accessories Kit
•Getting Started Guide
•2 Year Warranty

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Picotest P2001A          GaN Probe 2-Pack, Accessory Kit                      

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