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Picotest P2101A 2-Port 50 ohm PDN Probes


•Bandwidth: DC-1GHz
•Input C: <1pF
•Input R: 50 ohms
•Maximum voltage: 5 Vrms
•Maximum thru Current any Port:  1Amp
•Probe Connections: SMA
•Probe Tip Size: 0603-1206
•Probe Impedance: 50 Ohm
•Port to Port Isolation: TBD
•Probe-only Propagation Delay: TBD
•Rise Time: 350 ps
•Operating Temperature: 0 to 45° C (32° F to 104° F) at 80% Relative Humidity
•Nominal Length with Cable: 1 meter
•Attenuation: 1x
•Probe-only Bandwidth: 1GHz
•Probe Connection: SMA male
•Maximum Relative Humidity: 80% at 31° C max
•Usage: Indoor
•Altitude: 3000 m (9850 feet)
•Absolute Maximum Voltage: < 50VAC and 75VDC

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The Picotest PDN probes are 50 ohm transmission line probes. These precision 1x probes support a variety of measurements including impedance (1 Port Reflection and 2 Port Series and Shunt thru), step-load, ripple, noise TDT/TDR, PCB resonances, clock jitter and non-invasive stability. They have some significant advantages over active probes and other types of passive probes.
The 1-port probe, being a unity gain wide bandwidth probe, allows the measurement of ripple and noise with optimum signal to noise ratio (SNR). The 2-port probe can be used to transmit a load current step through one port, while measuring the response from the other port, simultaneously. The probes can both be used to inject noise for the assessment of sensitivity to the power supply for sensitive circuits such as clocks and LNAs. The probes are supported by a wide range of signal injectors and accessories, such as DC blockers, preamplifiers, and high speed current injectors.
The high-bandwidth (DC-1.3GHz), variable-pitch probe tip design enables accurate impedance measurements for high-speed PCB development and manufacturing. It eliminates the need for soldering SMA cables to your board and the risk of damaging fine copper pads or pulling up small components. You can get connectivity to circuit boards and devices without connectors. The probes are compatible with all equipment including VNAs, oscilloscopes, and spectrum analyzers and come with an accessory kit that includes a variety of probe tips and lead extenders, as well as, a DC blocking device. The probes are also designed to work with the Picotest J2180A low noise preamplifier to improve signal to noise performance and the J2102A common mode transformer which eliminates the DC ground loop.

•Supports Measuring Impedance, Step-Load, Ripple, Noise TDT/TDR, 2 port impedance, PCB resonances, Clock Jitter and Non-invasive Stability
•1x for optimum in sensitivity and SNR
•Virtually no capacitive loading < 1pf
•Single (1 Port) or Dual (2 Ports)
•Supports Non-Invasive Stability Measurement (NISM)
•Full complement of accessories including DC Blocker (500-8GHz)
•Reduces the risk of damaging the fine copper pads of circuit boards
•Rugged, ergonomic design, small form factor gets into tight places
•Slim body with extended tips provides good visibility of the target
What’s included:
•1-Port Probe, 2-Port Probe or both
•Probe Tip Accessories Kit
•Getting Started Guide
•1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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Picotest P2101A      2-Port 50 ohm PDN Probes           

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