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Picotest P2130A 500Hz – 8GHz DC Blocker


•Frequency range: 500 Hz to 8 GHz
•Maximum input-output (differential voltage): 50VDC
•Connections: SMA jack/ plug

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The Picotest P2130A a coaxial DC Blocker is used when DC isolation is required to protect sensitive RF system components like receivers or test Equipment. Since the probe impedance of 50 ohms would load low impedance sources, it is often necessary to block any DC current. Either the J2130A DC bias Injector or the P2130A DC Blocker can be used for this purpose. The P2130A has male and female SMA connectors that allow it to be easily connected to the 1-Port and 2-Port probes. As SMA to SMA cable (included in the Picotest Cable Kit (PCK01) or similar), or an SMA to BNC cable can then be used to connect the probe to the instrument. The P2130A DC Blocker lets through frequencies between 500 Hz and 8 GHz while simultaneously providing low insertion loss and excellent VSWR. Its maximum differential (input-output) voltage is 50V.

What’s included:
•1-Port Probe, 2-Port Probe or both
•Probe Tip Accessories Kit
•Getting Started Guide
•1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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Picotest P2130A       500Hz – 8GHz DC Blocker   

Picotest P2130A Produktdatenblatt

Picotest P2130A       500Hz – 8GHz DC Blocker              

Picotest P2130A Produktdatenblatt

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