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Picotest PITK01 Parts Kit for Power Integrity Training

•High Performance, High Quality, Passive Component Test Boards
•Helps confirm measurement setups
•Includes Capacitors, Inductors, Resistors, Calibration board, connectors
•Supports 1-Port, 2-Port, and 2-Port Extended Measurements
•Comes with Power Integrity Test Training Exercises for the OMICRON Lab Bode 100 or Keysight E5061B VNA

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The Picotest PITK01 kit includes a wide variety of precision mounted parts that are used in various Power Integrity test training exercises. The PITK01 comes complete with the Training guides that cover many types of measurements. The kit gives you an easy way to confirm measurement setups with known component values.

The PITK01 Kit Includes:
One each of twenty six (26) components including: Short-Open-Load SMA calibrator, 2x 1uF capacitor on 60mil PCB each with different ground, 2x 1uF capacitor on 8mil PCB each with different ground, 3.3uH/6.5A 17mOhm inductor, 470uF 6V tantalum capacitor, Pair of 499Ohm series resistors (for extended 2-port shunt thru measurement), 1Ohm resistor, 2mOhm resistor, 0.1uF COG series mounted capacitor, 0.1uF COG shunt mounted capacitor, 100uF/20V polymer capacitor, Very low inductance shorted plane, 1.8nH chip inductor, Resistor Splitter (for TDR measurement), Connectors (SMA(F) – SMA(F), adapter, SMA(M) – SMA(M) adapter, SMA(F) – SMB (F) adapter, SMA(M) – BNC(M) adapter, SMA(M) – BNC(F) adapter),Plastic Storage Box.

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