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Picotest PWR100 Power Integrity Station Bode 100

•Full Featured VNA measures low frequency PDN impedance (up to 40MHZ)
•Specialized Signal and EMI Probes make loadstep and impedance testing easier
•Specialized Injectors enable power supply measurements
•New Harmonic Injector Supercharges your Spectrum Analyzer

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In modern electronic systems, the performance of FPGAs, CPUs, and other high-speed logic devices depends on the power distribution networks or PDNs that power these devices. Within these PDNs, power converters in the form of point-of-load regulators (POLs), voltage regulator modules (VRMs), dc-dc converters, and linear regulators play a crucial role. Yet, many engineers who develop these power converters don’t have the proper equipment to test stability and may be unfamiliar with PDN concepts. The Power Integrity Station includes everything you need to troubleshoot and solve the toughest PDN challenges.
Whether you are testing impedance, stability, transient steploading or EMI, the Power Integrity Station provides you with the state-of-the-art equipment and training necessary to tackle tests you NEED to perform.

The Power Integrity Bundle PWR100 includes:
•OMICRON Lab Bode 100 Vector Network Analyzer
•1-Port and 2-Port 1 GHz 50 ohm Tranmission Line PDN Probes
•Signal Injectors, DC Blocks, Common Mode Transformer
•Impedance Adapters
•High Performance Cable and Connector Kit
•Power Integrity Training: VRTS3 Kit and Power Integrity Text Book
•EMI Bundle Option ◦EMI Probes with Low Noise Amplifier
◦Harmonic Comb Injector

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Picotest PWR100         Power Integrity Station Bode 100              

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