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Picotest VRTS1.5 Voltage Regulator Test Standard

Test Points:
•TP1 ‐ Input voltage meter or probe
•TP2 ‐ Ground for meter or probe
•TP3 ‐ Bode injection
•TP4 ‐ Bode injection
•TP5 ‐ Output voltage meter or probe
•TP6 ‐ Ground for meter or probe

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The circuit is a discrete BJT voltage regulator with a 7‐10V input and a 3.3V output. The BJT is controlled by a TL431 shunt regulator. C1 and R5 provide frequency compensation, R2 is the injection transformer terminating resistor and R3 and R4 are the output voltage sense divider.
Two different output capacitors can be selected using S1‐1 and S1‐2. One capacitor, an aluminum electrolytic capacitor provides excellent phase margin while the other results in approximately 40 degrees phase margin. A blue LED is powered by the output, providing a visual indication of power on and also a load of approximately 20mA. An additional 25mA of load current can be switched on or off using S1‐3.

Box Contents: (1) Main Board

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Picotest VRTS1.5          Voltage Regulator Test Standard             

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