Aim TTi PSA-ANT2 Wideband Telescopic Antenna

•Length is adjustable between 12 and 55cm
•Useful bandwidth is specified by the manufacturer as 30MHz to 2GHz
•Connection BNC
•Wideband Telescopic Antenna for PSA Series Spectrum Analyzers



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The Aim TTi PSA-ANT2 antenna is intended for general purpose applications where absolute measurements of field strength are not required. The antenna is a high quality unit with a knuckle joint hinge terminating with a SMA to BNC connector for the PSA1302 and PSA2702 models and a N to BNC connector for the PSA3605 or PSA6005 models (and the previous PSA-T series). The useful bandwidth is specified by the manufacturer as 30MHz to 2.0GHz.

Note: The antenna is included within the AIM-TTI PSA3605USC and PSA6005USC products.
This antenna is not suitable for making absolute measurements of field strength, however it can be very useful for determining the frequency of RF sources and for making relative measurements of amplitude (e.g. to determine the effect of a modification on the amount of signal radiated at particular frequencies).  For absolute measurement of amplitude at a specific frequency, a calibrated antenna will be needed.  For accurate field strength measurements over a wide frequency range, a set of calibrated field probes will be needed.

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Aim TTi PSA-ANT2     Wideband Telescopic Antenna           

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