Tektronix 7633 100MHz Storage Oscilloscope

•Bandwidth: 100 MHz
•Rise Time: 3.5 ns
•Main Time Base: lowest 5 ns/div
•Display Type: CRT Monochrome
•Display Size: 13 cm
•Display modes: Bi-stable, Persistence, and Storage

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The Tektronix 7633 storage oscilloscope is a solid state instrument especially designed for fast writing rate storage applications. The 7633 oscilloscope mainframe can be used for a wide variety of tasks, from routine troubleshooting to serious lab applications. It’s easy to use and accepts three 7000 Series plug-ins. Plug-ins available from many source include several amplifier types, spectrum analyzers, multimeters, and curve tracers. The front panel also has a calibrator output. The CRT digital readout of display parameters gives good visual brightness and high photographic-writing speed. The oscilloscope storage feature works well and is very handy for transient analysis, glitches, and other one-time-events. There is also a rack-mount version, the R7633.

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Tektronix 7633           100MHz Storage Oscilloscope                    

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