Tektronix R7704 150MHz Oscilloscope

•Bandwidth: 150 Mhz
•Channels: 4
•Plug Ins sold separately
•Vertical and horizontal mode switching high writing speed CRT
•Front panel voltage and current loop calibrator signals, plus sawtooth and gate signal outputs and Z axis inputs

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The Tektronix R7704 Oscilloscope is a solidstate, high performance instrument designed for mounting in a 19-inch rack (complete rackmounting information is given in Section 6). This instrument accepts Tektronix 7-series plug-in units to form a complete measurement system. The flexibility of this plug-in feature and the variety of plug-in units available allow the system to be used for many measurement
applications. The R7704 has four plug-in compartments. The left pair of plug-ins is connected to the vertical deflection system. The right pair is connected to the horizontal deflection system. Electronic switching between the plug-in units connected to each deflection system allows a dual-trace vertical display and/or a dual-sweep horizontal display.

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Tektronix R7704                 150MHz Oscilloscope                       

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