Tektronix 7704A 200 MHz Oscilloscope Mainframe

•Bandwidth: 200MHz (DC to 250MHz with optimum pulse response)
•Channels: 4
•Sweep rate: 2ns/div
•Risetime: 1.8ns
•CRT readout

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The Tektronix 7704A Oscilloscope Mainframe is a 4-plug-in wide mainframe with a bandwidth of 200 MHz. The rise time is given as 1.8 ns. Separate intensity settings are provided for vertical channels A and B, as well as for the alphanumeric CRT display and the screen’s graticule. The user can choose between hacked, alternating, additional, or vertical single-wire operation. The controls also allow for a choice of 4 horizontal modes. With the wide range of plug-ins available for use with this mainframe, the possibilities are almost endless! Plug-ins sold separately. The 7704A followed 7704 on the 1972 and improved the bandwidth from 150 to 200 MHz (regular model, optimized for transient response) and 250 MHz (option 9, bandwidth-optimized). The rackmount version was still based on its predecessor and was therefore only called the R7704.

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Tektronix 7704A         200MHz Oscilloscope Mainframe                 

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